Ten Reasons Why I Love My Mooncup

So having a mooncup doesn’t really have anything to do with being vegan, but some of my reasons for doing both overlap so I thought I’d do a post on the wonders of my mooncup.

Before I got a mooncup I thought they were pretty gross, I couldn’t really understand the attraction in one. I thought they were for hippies trying to make some kind of point, but when I tried one I was forever converted. I’m not exaggerating when I say my mooncup is the single most liberating purchase I have ever made in my life. It was truly life altering. 

So what’s all the fuss about?

  1.  Mooncups are convenient. You only ever have to buy one. That’s right, you can use one sanitary product for the rest of your life! (If you have a baby you might need another size but that’s only two). You don’t need different products for different times in your flow you just use the same one. In between periods you steralize it in boiling water, pack it away and forget about it. They are really small so take up zero space in your bathroom.
  2. They are cheap! If like me you are thrifty bordering on stingey then this is a pretty big factor. The average woman spends £4 a month on her period which adds up to £1900 in her lifetime! Don’t forget that you get taxed on that, so that’s literally a tax for being a woman. A mooncup costs about £20 so that’s a huge saving over your lifetime, and screw that woman tax! 
  3. They’re environmentally friendly. Sanitary towels take 500-800 years to decompose. Isn’t that insane?!? Think of all those sanitary towels just sitting there in landfill. With a mooncup you reuse it so you aren’t contributing to that big pile of period waste. 
  4. They are easy to use. You just pop it in, empty and clean every four to eight hours then steralize at the end and beginning of your period. Simples! 
  5. They aren’t gross, honest they’re not. Everyone seems to get a bit sqeemish about Mooncups, I get it, I understand, BUT there’s really no need to be. The emptying process is really easy and is way tidier than using a sanitary towel or tampon. Also if you think about it sanitary towels are way grosser, you put them in a bin and then they just sit there as bacteria feeds on the blood until they biodegrade in 500-800 years time. Lush. 
  6. The have less odour than a sanitary towel or tampons. Sanitary towels prevent air getting to the genitals, stop the blood from drying and allow a perfect breeding ground for bacteria to create a strong smell. Bleach and chemicals used on tampons change the ph balance of your vagina which again can create bacteria and also the dreaded yeast infection which can contribute to the smell. Mooncups do none of these things, because the blood doesn’t come into contact with the air until you empty it it doesn’t allow bacteria to feed on the blood because, get this, YOUR VAGINA IS CLEAN! Yup that’s right ladies, your vagina is perfectly sterile and clean, unless something foreign (like a tampon) creates an imbalance. Mooncups are made of silicone which doesn’t change the ph balance of the vagina at all and thus they smell much much less.
  7. No risk of toxic shock. Toxic shock is rare but very serious when it happens, it can even be fatal. Why take the risk?
  8. You can wear it at night!!! Goodbye ugly night time pads, screw you, and don’t let the door hit you on your massive nappy ass on the way out.
  9. You get to track your period. When I used tampons and pads I didn’t really know much about my cycle, just that sometimes I have to change more often. With a mooncup you not only can see how much you bleed but also the colour and consistency. Some might not see this as a perk but I was genuinely interested, it made me feel more like my periods was something I was doing rather than something just happening to me.
  10. This is the biggest one. You can forget about it! When I first got my Mooncup I couldn’t really see how I would be able to wear it, it seemed massive, and wasn’t very comfortable. However over time it moulds to your shape until you can’t even feel you’re wearing anything. I happily do everything I would normally do, go swimming, run, do yoga without even having to think about it. I genuinely don’t feel like I’m having a period (except for the spots and irrational rage). My period always used to seem like this massive ‘thing’ but now I barely even notice it happen.

So what you waiting for??? Go out and buy one now, you’ll not regret it!

If you have any questions don’t be shy to ask.

Ps. The first thing anyone asks about a mooncup is how do you change them in public and the answer is pretty simple, you just tip it down the toilet, wipe it with a tissue and put it back in. As long as you wash it with some odourless soap when you get home then there’s really nothing to worry about. Like I said your vagina is clean, when the mooncup is up there it’s completely sterile, it’s only when it makes contact with the air when bacteria can breed and it’s such a tiny time it takes to tip it out that you’re in no danger. 


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