Vegan Afternoon Tea At The Great British Cupcakery

It was my birthday last week and I was really excited to try the vegan Afternoon Tea at The Great British Cupcakery. Before I went vegan I used to love Afternoon Tea but haven’t managed to find anywhere that doesn’t feel like you are being short changed on the cake front when you get the vegan option. 

I found out about the Great British Cupcakery’s Vegan Afternoon Tea by chance, one of my yoga peeps is a cook there and also a vegan so we often chat about where to eat. I was lamenting the lack of Afternoon Tea options and she said that The Great British Cupcakery do them, as she is a vegan herself I knew she would understand the struggle so I booked myself in straight away! 

Everything is made to order so you need to book 24 hours in advance and it costs £19.95 for adults and £9.95 for little ones. 

When we arrived we had a table waiting for us and they had set out lovely little tea sets for each person, I ordered tea, my sister ordered the coffee and my niece had a rose lemonade. 

Our teas came out very quickly after that and mine had a birthday candle in which was a sweet touch.

It was so much better than expected. Let’s look at it layer by layer.

Sandwich layer of cucumber, tomato and hummous sandwiches.  These were delicious and my sister felt jealous that there wasn’t one on the non vegan option.

Next layer was a gooey brownie, crumbly flapjack and a plain scone. The brownie was the highlight of the whole meal for me!

Then we had a strawberry cupcake, a fruit scone and some jam and spread. The cupcake was really good, it was light and airy which just a faint hint of strawberry.

I didn’t manage to eat it all, in fact I barely made a dent in it. However I’m a firm believer that half the fun in afternoon tea is taking most of it home and eating it in front of the telly.

We had such a lovely afternoon and the kids afternoon tea was such good value, I can imagine it would be a fab place for a teenagers party. 

They don’t do champagne afternoon teas but you are welcome to bring your own bottle for £5 corkage. I would have done this if I hadn’t been working later on.

I am so happy that The Great British Cupcakery are catering to vegans so well, the vegan option was just as good as the normal version and I am sure that when word spreads they’ll be inundated which vegans from up and down the land! They also sell vegan cakes to buy at the counter but once these run out on the day they are gone so it might be worth ringing beforehand to check they have some left to avoid disappointment. 

Now if only they’ll veganise one of those delicious looking milkshakes *drooooool*


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