Vegan April

‘Contentment comes when what you feel, what your think, and how you act all align’

As a yoga teacher I talk about alignment all the time, the alignment of the body in a pose, the alignment of breathe within the body, and most importantly the alignment of our actions with our beliefs.

For a long time now I have not felt aligned, there has been something wrong in myself. A niggle that my actions were not appropriate for what I knew to be right inside. I do not want to harm animals for my lifestyle. This is my truth.
And for a long time I have been ignoring this truth, because it’s easier, because I don’t want to seem self righteous and I have a desperate need to be liked, because I’m scared, because I like eating out, just because.

I have made excuse after excuse, but the cold hard fact is that the meat and dairy industry makes me unhappy, and being part of it is eating away at my peace.

So here we are.

Ive decided to become vegan.

I’m going to start small and do Vegan April, which is basically being vegan for the month of April and seeing how it goes from there. My lovely, supportive and kind Husband is also joining me on this journey, he’s even taking soya milk to work!
The first step is to admit to everyone that this is what I want and to commit to it. I had my first hurdle this morning when I looked at a menu for a hotel we are staying in on Friday night, there was nothing vegan so I rang them up and they were very nice about it and said they would accommodate us. Seems like such a simple thing but it feels huge.

I’m excited about this!

Thank you for reading,

Jo x