To Pea Or Not To Pea – A serving of Rice and Peas, Vegan Protein Shakes. 

One of the first things that people ask when you say you’re thinking of going vegan is, ‘but where will you get your protein from?’

I have to be honest and say that before I looked into it, I was worried about the same thing. The reality is however that since I started, I’ve been checking my protein intake with my fitness pal and there hasn’t been a single day so far that I haven’t managed to hit my protein goal! The power of lentils is truly a remarkable thing.

I have an active lifestyle and can teach up to 4 yoga classes a day so it’s imperative that I get enough protein for my muscles to recover and grow. I am a fan of protein powders as they are easily digestible and it gives you an added boost of energy.

I have been taking pea protein for a while and since becoming vegan I have added rice protein too, when mixed together these give you a complete protein which means they contain all the amino acids. Though it’s not crucial to eat complete proteins as the body can store the amino acids, it’s still reassuring to think you have. 

 Both pea and rice protein give 80% protein, so that’s 8g of protein for every 10g of powder (one heaped dessert spoon). That’s pretty impressive! There are lots of ways to eat it, you can cook with it and add it to things but I think it gives everything a weird gritty taste so I prefer to spoon it in a cup add some water and down it. This way I’m getting my water too. 

Now let’s get one thing straight, it doesn’t taste amazing, these aren’t your chocolate flavoured whey protein milkshakes, this is essentially cold pea and rice powdered soup, but it isn’t unbearable, I even secretly like it and you definitely get used to it! My cat is obsessed with it, (I don’t let him eat it but he wails for it and tried to knock it out my hand so he can lick it up), which I always think is a good sign.

I buy mine from Farplace Animal Rescue, it’s a bit more expensive than if I bought it from Amazon but it’s nice to think your money is saving animals and not lining the pockets of tax dodgers (not that I’m above shopping at Amazon but I like to avoid it if I can).

Do you use protein powders? What’s your favourite vegan protein?



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