Quick Vegan Chocolate Mousse For The Lazy, Greedy Vegan

I’m an evening snacker, I try not to be but I am. Before vegan April we were terrible for grabbing a chocolate bar from the co op on the way home (I’m partial to a wispa). 

I was kind of looking forward to not being able to to that, imagining that I would never snack again. In reality what happened was I ended up with my head in the cupboard desperately looking for something I could turn into a vegan chocolaty snack. This is what I came up with and it was divine!!


Half an avacado per person,

A squirt of golden syrup

Some cacao powder


Blend those little critters together. Done. Eat.


Is it going to win any beauty contests? No, of course it’s not. Is it bloody lovely?? Yes.

What’s your favourite quick treat?



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