Saturday Sushi

It’s a Saturday night, the husband has gone out so there’s only one this to do, order Sushi!
There is nothing better than spending a Saturday night on your own watching telly with a cat on your knee and a big pile of sushi on the table. I know, it’s hardly rock’n’roll but I like it.

I love sushi, and I was sure this was the thing I was going to miss the most when I went vegan. I know that you could get lots of veggie sushi but wasn’t sure how vegan friendly it was. I was so convinced that I was going to be deprived of it that the last non vegan meal I had was to go for Sushi and eat piles and piles of it!

So without much hope I went on the Nudo Sushi website and was delighted to find that they put the allergens next to each thing you can order so you can clearly see what is suitable for vegans, and I was even more delighted to see that there was loads I could order. In fact I think I got so excited I ordered waaaay more sushi than I needed.





I had Vegetable Temaki

Vegetable Gyoza

Avocado Maki

Cucumber Maki


Mango and Asparagus Salad


It was all totally delicious and I’ve had to put some in the fridge for tomorrow. My highlight was the Avocado Maki.

It makes me really happy that I’m not going to be deprived, and this is my current view.




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